The Sallins Case Timeline

The Sallins Case – a Timeline 

1973-1977: Fine Gael/Labour Coalition in power:

(Garda Commissioner: Ned Garvey: Sep 1975 - Jan 1978)

1978-1983: Fianna Fáil in power

(Garda Commissioner: Patrick McLaughlin)

The Court Cases  

Trial No. 1 District Court:

8th April 1976 – 9th Dec 1976                   245 Days

Trial No. 2 Special Criminal Court:

19th Jan 1978  

Trial No. 3 (Trial within a trial)

-16th June 1978                                             65 Days

Trial No. 4  (New trial)

10th Oct 1978                  

Trial No. 5 (Trial within a trial)

– 13th Dec 1978                                            51 Days  

Legal representation

Trial 1:

Accuseds' Solicitors: Dudley Potter, Garret Sheehan (now retired Judge)

Trials 2 -4:

Accuseds' Solicitors: 

  • Pat McCartan (now retired Judge) and Michael White 

Accuseds' Counsel: 

  • Paddy McEntee, S.C. (Breatnach + Plunkett)
  • Seamus Sorohan, S.C. (RIP) (McNally & Kelly)
  • Anthony Sammon Jnr B.L.
  • James Connolly Heron B. L.
  • Martin Giblin B.L. (now S.C.)


  • Noel McDonald, S.C. (RIP)
  • Robert Barr S.C. (RIP Judge)
  • Kevin Haugh, B.L. (RIP Judge)

Civil Action for inter alia, Damages

  • Solicitor: Greg O'Neill (retired)
  • Counsel: Barry White, (retired Judge)+ Paul Carney (RIP Judge)
  • Maurice Gaffney SC (RIP)
  • Anthony Sammon, Jnr B.L. (now SC)